Your cell phone will very likely emit an emergency alert system test on October 3rd, very similar to the tests you’ve heard for years on KLAM and KCDV.  The tones should fire at about 10:20am on the 3rd, followed by a test message.  Don’t be alarmed -- it’s a planned test.  And officials would very much appreciate it if you would respond to a short survey to report whether you received the test or not -- that survey will be at ready <dot> alaska <dot> gov.

Remember that our town meeting talk show is available any time you would like to be a guest, suggest a guest, or just have us cover a topic.  It’s an on demand program, we can record at your convenience, and then the air slot is weekdays in the 10am hour on KLAM.  You can also send a letter for us to read if that’s better for you.

Now that practically everyone has a little voice recorder in their pocket or purse thanks to smart phones, we want to upgrade our library of community voices who listen to KLAM or KCDV.  Send us your message supporting your favorite station, just like the ones you’ve heard on KLAM for years.  For example, I’d say “Hi, this is Robbie -- and you’re listening to KCDV”.  Do one for each station if you like, and feel free to jazz them up if you have a creative idea.  You can then email the file to us, or attach it to a Facebook message -- whatever’s easier.

hope you’re able to join Dad and me weekday mornings for the morning report on KLAM -- a buffet for the brain featuring news from around the state, around town, and also some national news and information.  We also have contests from time to time that can make you a winner.  That’s the morning report, weekday mornings right about 7:35 on AM-1450, KLAM.