Iceworm tail-hunt clues will begin airing on KLAM bright and early Monday morning near the top of each hour between 5am and 10am… and will keep coming until the tail is found.  The most current clue will be on the radio the day it comes out, and then appear on the KLAM Facebook page the following day in case you missed any clues.  Remember, the tail is on public property, not private -- and good luck.

One classified over here… (1/25) Cordova Arts and Pageants invites you to the return of “wearable art”.  They’re calling this one “Winter Disco -- an ultraviolet event” -- Saturday January 25th in the North Star Theatre.  Wearable art show begins at 630pm for all ages, then EDM dance party for 21 and older starts at 8.  $15 dollar admission, or become a Cordova Arts member and get in free, plus received a free reusable LED glowstick), AND be entered to win a gift basket featuring a Copper River Fleece vest and other Alaska Airlines swag.  For more information, contact Amber at 907-440-7347.

(Jan25) Calling all registered Republicans! Are you interested in shaping the future of your party? Come learn about the District Convention and how Cordova Republicans can make a difference! They will be meeting at the Kayak Cafe on Saturday, January 25, from 6-7pm.

The Cordova Legislative Information Office (or L-I-O) is open Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m. The LIO provides access to the Alaska Legislature and also assists in submittals of the PFD application, and/or certifying legal documents required by the PFD office. They encourage you to apply online for your PFD, but are happy to help with any problems.  You can call 424-5461.

The 2020 Iceworm theme is “peace, love and Iceworm” -- and it’s our 60th event. The festival starts Saturday the 25th and runs through february 1st. Sign up for things like the parade, being a street vendor at the parade, arts and crafts show, variety show, food fair and more on their website -- iceworm festival <dot> com.  You can also see the schedule on that site.

Senior lunch is french chicken monday:::  Schools serve French Toast and Sausage for breakfast, Chicken Alfredo for lunch.

(29) And looking at the school music program calendar: no one is listed Saturday… but Sunday, happy birthday Aarieyah Mailey Gasmen.

Remember all this information is on our website, including any items that didn’t make the air -- look for the AC logo at cordovaradio.com.

That's our calendar for the weekend – have a great day Cordova.

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PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION Special Meeting for Master Plan Review of the Pool.  It’s Tuesday, January 28th at 6:00 PM in At the Cordova Center’s Mayors Conference Room.  The Public is welcome -- call 424-7282 for additional information.

Science center Tuesday talk on the 28th, 7pm at the forest service.  This one is “Minimum flows and megafloods at Bering River”. U.S. Forest Service Hydrologist Luca Adelfio will share results from six years of stream gauging near Bering Lake, including information about a remarkable increase in the frequency of massive glacier lake outburst floods.

The Public Works, Water Division recommends community members keep in mind the value and benefits of trickling the water lines on colder days to prevent pipe freeze ups.  Without several feet of snow cover as insulation, many of our private and public water lines can freeze up this time of year. A small, slow dripping from a cold-water faucet will help keep water moving a bit to prevent freezing.

Come celebrate 50 YEARS of active boy scout programs in Cordova on February 5th, 6pm at the LDS Church.  It’s the All Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.  If you or your family have ever participated in Cordova’s scouting program, you’re welcome to join.  However, if you could please RSVP by January 25th to 424-3113, or 429-6688, it would be very helpful.  Also… bring any memorabilia you’d  like to share.

Time to be thinking about the ICEWORM PHOTOSHOW.  Deadline for entries is Monday, January 27th, at the Cordova Museum.  OPENING RECEPTION is THURSDAY January 30th from 5-7 PM.  Entries must be framed.  Pick up entry forms at the Cordova Museum.  It’s FREE to enter.  If you have questions, Call the Cordova Museum at 424-6665.

Starting January 29th, the Cordova Center invites you to ‘Open Studio Life Drawing’ -- drawing for fun and relaxation.  Come practice and grow your drawing skills Wednesdays from 6-9pm in the Cordova Center Education Room.  Call Paula at 6665 if you have questions.

Mark your calendars for the Cordova Regular Election -- March 3rd of 2020