One classified here... (1/31) The City The HR Department is accepting applications for a Full-time “Harbor Maintenance I’  Starting Pay Range: $17.99– 21.76 per hour, plus benefits, D-O-E.  First Review of applicants is January 29th.  Applications & additional information available at City Hall.

KLAM will broadcast last night’s council meeting tonight at 6pm, and make the audio available online as well. The agenda is posted on our website in the extras section of cordovaradio.com.

Here’s your away game update for Cordova Wolverine Basketball, brought to you by your cordova telephone cooperative, Trident Seafoods, and Goodrich Accounting: it’s tipoff weekend!  On Thursday, girls play at 8pm, boys at 930.  On Friday, girls play at 7pm, boys at 830.  And then Saturday, It’s girls at 6pm, boys at 730.

Cordova Historical Museum Monthly Program will be "The History of Bowling in Cordova" -- Monday, January 22nd, 7:30 pm in the Copper River Gallery.

PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION Regular Meeting, Tuesday January 23rd, 6:00 PM at The Cordova Center In the Mayors Conference Room.  The Public is welcome. Call 424-7282 for additional information.

(23rd) A Reminder From the Public Works Department -- Please remember that any work, excavation, construction, or use of City roads, streets, property, or Rights of Way requires a City R-O-W Permit and/or Street Cut permit, which is available on the City website.  Contact Bill Howard at the Streets Division for more info.

Senior lunch is bbq pork sandwich today, beef stew and biscuits tomorrow, School serve  biscuits and gravy for breakfast, crispy king salmon fingers for lunch today, cereal and yogurt for breakfast, chicken burgers for lunch tomorrow.

And looking at the school music program calendar:  Happy birthday Charles Deaton and Elizabeth Allison.

Remember all this information is on our website (including any items that didn’t make the air) -- look for the AC logo at cordovaradio.com.

That's our calendar for the 18th -- have a great day Cordova.

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(23rd) Two vacancies on the Cordova Public Library Board need to be filled. You can volunteer to work with their team to guide the library into an even better place for our community. Meetings are held quarterly.  Currently the Library Board is updating the Policy Manual for Cordova Center operations, and planning all the 2018 activities and special events for the Library.  Send a letter of interest to Mayor Clay Koplin at PO Box 1210, or email mayor@cityofcordova.net.

The City of Cordova Fisheries Development Committee meets Thursday, January 25th at 7:00 pm
in Cordova Center Community Room B. Agenda items include Discussion of Commissioner’s Permit for Tanner Crab.

The Annual CDFU Educational Scholarship Application is open until March 30.  There are three scholarships available.  Learn more by visiting cdfu.org.

The Copper River/PWS Fish & Game Advisory Committee will have an election meeting on Wednesday, January 31st in the PWSAC conference room at 7:00 pm.  Also on the agenda will be a report from Kristin Smith on the CR Watershed Project regional stakeholder meeting, Charlotte Westing ADFG update on wildlife, and any other business that may properly come before the committee.  For more information contact Tom Carpenter at 424-3101.

The better business bureau is warning of a returning scam -- the one where someone pretending to be a utility provider calls and says your service will be cut off if you don’t pay your bill.  Then they try to make you use a weird payment form like a wire transfer or prepaid debit card.  Legitimate companies don’t do that; so if someone is trying to scam you, let the police know.

For those interested in following State government, the latest LIO newsletters are on our website in the extras section of cordovaradio.com.  It's a great way to keep up on the latest with the Alaska legislature.

KLAM and KCDV have classified ad space every day, 10 times a day between the two stations, for just $25 a week - plus we post your ad on cordovaradio.com at no extra charge.  If you have something you want to sell, a job posting, or a fundraiser coming up, put local radio and internet to work for you.  Call, fax, email -- whatever’s best -- and get your classified ad on KLAM, KCDV, and cordovaradio.com.

Remember that our town meeting talk show is available any time you would like to be a guest, suggest a guest, or just have us cover a topic.  It’s an on demand program, we can record at your convenience, and then the air slot is weekdays in the 10am hour on KLAM.  You can also send a letter for us to read if that’s better for you.