The city has reaffirmed that the mask rule is STILL IN PLACE in Cordova.  It has NOT been repealed. It is still in the city’s emergency order 2020-07 as Rule 15 -- and you can read the order at cityofcordova.net.

Cordova’s businesses are still operating under the state’s Phase 2 protocols.  We still urge both customers and proprietors to know the rules so people don't get each other in trouble.   Because the Phase Two protocols are no probably longer on the state site, we have saved copies of each of them, and posted a link at cordovaradio.com so you can be sure you’re seeing the right documents.  The fines and jail penalties for violations of state mandates are very serious -- so again we hope both businesses and customers will get familiar with the rules.

Ilanka and CCMC invite anyone in the community who feels the need to get tested for covid-19 to visit one of their drive-up testing clinics. The service is free and can provide you with peace of mind. A negative result does NOT release you from the responsibility to comply with City mandates for social distancing and mask wearing, and DOES NOT indicate future results should you become infected. The testing locations are Ilanka on Monday and Wednesday from 2-4… and CCMC Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2-4. Please call CCMC at 8200 or Ilanka at 3622 to register. Additional times are available if you are experiencing any symptoms at all. Just call to inquire.

The NVE Regular Tribal Council Meeting has been MOVED to Wednesday, May 27th 1:00pm.  *Due to state and local COVID-19 health mandates, all Tribal Council Meetings will be conducted electronically until further notice. Contact Reyna at 424-7738 to request video or teleconference information and electronic meeting materials. Tribal Members are encouraged to attend.

The city has put out Mutual Aid Agreement Forms that must be completed by any business that wants to operate during the pandemic.  Visit cityofcordova.net for details..

Senior lunch has moved to a delivery based system till further notice -- call 429-3167 for details -- it’s not serving Monday due to memorial day, then returning with Swedish Meatballs tomorrow::: Schools have meal pickup service on Tuesdays from 10-1 at Mt Eccles thru August 11th.

(x) And looking at the school music program calendar: happy birthday Shaun McManus

Remember all this information is on our website, including any items that didn’t make the air -- look for the AC logo at cordovaradio.com.

That's our calendar for the 25th – have a great day Cordova.

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Remember that the city council unanimously passed its ordinance establishing fines for those who break health mandates… and we would remind folks that a lot of the city and state mandates are the same, meaning you could expose yourself to state consequences as well for violations -- so please know what’s permitted and what isn’t during the pandemic.

A message from CDFU: Fishermen returning to Cordova are expected to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival unless they have submitted a plan to the State of Alaska detailing how they will avoid the spread of COVID-19 and not endanger the community. This exemption allows you to complete essential work during your quarantine period, but you MUST comply with the quarantine while not working. An exemption for work is NOT a blanket exemption, and you MUST continue to abide by social distancing guidelines.   KLAM and KCDV urge Cordovans to share this message with everyone it affects, along with the city and state mandates.  Help your friends to know what they need to know.

We’ve been telling you that all our talk shows, daily briefings, special meetings of the city council, and weekly city press briefings are archived for you on our CordovaTV youtube channel.  What you might not know is that if you subscribe to our channel (which is completely free) AND click the notification bell (also free), you’ll automatically get updates the moment a new post is ready.  So again, visit youtube.com/cordovatv, subscribe to the channel, and click the notification bell -- that will make you the first to know when we have new content for you.

Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer, has emphasized that Daily regular physical activity can make a big difference in how your child feels during the pandemic.  She went on to say that Physical activity improves your mood and eases your stress. A simple walk can help you and your children feel less anxious and improve your sleep that night.  Remember that outdoor recreation is allowed under state and local mandates as long as you have completed any required quarantine, and if you practice proper social distancing.
The city has successfully launched its new website dedicated to covid-19 response.  It’s intended to be a one stop show for the latest information, in a layout that makes it easy to navigate.  The address is covid19.cityofcordova.net.

In case you missed it, the city council unanimously passed its ordinance establishing fines for those who break health mandates… and we would remind folks that a lot of the city and state mandates are the same, meaning you could expose yourself to state consequences as well for violations -- so please know what’s permitted and what isn’t during the pandemic.

The new Port Authority Task Force oversees entry to the Airport, Harbor and Ferry… and they’re looking for volunteers as they meet each plane at the airport, welcome the travelers, inform them of the city and state quarantines, hand out flyers with details on compliance, and pass out cloth masks made by helpful locals.  Volunteers are given an N95 mask, a high visibility vest, and of course, safety training!  If you’ve been concerned about airline travellers knowing Cordova’s rules during the pandemic, call 429-3219 to volunteer for a shift.

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The Alaska Federation of Natives has asked us to announce that The U.S. Census is counting families and individuals for 2020.  If you're Alaska Native, you can help steer hundreds of millions of dollars annually to rural communities and tribal programs by following these steps: #1 -- Filling out the form… #2 --  Writing in the name of the Native spouse or significant other IF you live in a mixed-race household, married or not) for question 5… and #3 -- writing in the name of your federally recognized tribe for question 9, or the name of your village if you are unsure.  More details at ‘native federation <dot> org’.