Be listening for two of our annual favorite Christmas programs – “Christmas Cheer from Cordova’s Kids” featuring our young voices talking and singing about Christmas… and the 12 days of Christmas historical series that explores our holiday traditions.  Both are playing multiple times a day on KLAM and KCDV, and we hope you enjoy them!

The first Wolverine broadcasts of the season are here, featuring the girls at the So-Hi tournament. Game 31215pm Saturday the 15th.  As always, we can’t bring you the away games without community support from sponsors, and we are *WAY* short of being able to do the full season.. If you’d like to learn more, complete details are posted at cordovaradio.com — just look for the basketball.  You can always call or email us for more information too — whatever works best for you.  Again, we can’t do this without you!

The next Seahawks Game on KLAM is Sunday the 16th starting at 11am when the hawks take on the 49ers.  Seahawks football is made possible by major support from your cordova telephone cooperative and cordova wireless communications; and also by lauras, north star lumber, your ac value center, alpine diesel, shoreside petroleum, and C-D-V Tech Guy.

Cordova School Board SPECIAL MEETING for the BUDGET REQUEST TO CITY COUNCIL… December 17th at 12:00 PM in the School District Conference Room.  The agenda is posted on our website in the extras section of cordovaradio.com.

Village of Eyak Tribal Council meeting the 18th at 5pm in the Ilanka Board Room.  Tribal Members are urged to attend

The next science center Tuesday  talk is the 18th at 7pm in the forest service.  This one is “Monitoring herring in PWS 1973-2018: ADF&G's long-term aerial milt surveys and age, sex, and size sampling” by Stormy Haught with ADF&G.  Learn about spring aerial surveys of herring spawn, and sampled age, sex and size of spring herring in the sound for over 40 years… ongoing long-term herring monitoring programs…  and historical trends in aerial survey observations and demographics

Senior lunch is Beef Stroganoff Monday:: Schools serve french toast and sausage for breakfast, teriyaki chicken for lunch… plus, the alternative lunch all week is Italian Sub.  

And looking at the school music program calendar: no one is listed Saturday… but on Sunday, happy birthday Elizabeth Baenen, Kade Butler, and Rezaline G. Gappe

That's our calendar for the weekend -- have a great day Cordova.

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CORDOVA DMV WILL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19 FROM 8:00 AM UNTIL NOON for a  state-wide training  on REAL ID card processing. To learn more about this State of Alaska change in ID's go to the DMV page and read through the checklist to see which ORIGINAL documents you will need to provide to get your newly redesigned Driver's License and Identification Card.   REAL ID's will be available starting January 2nd.

City Council Public Hearing December 19th @ 6:30 pm Cordova Center Community Rooms.  Agenda includes adopting the operating and capital budget for fiscal year 2019 and appropriating the money… adopting City service fees, rates and charges for 2019… and some issues related to the e-911 surcharge.  The regular meeting follows at 7.  KLAM will broadcast the meeting the next night, Thursday, right after the Christmas Radio Theatre feature, and make the audio available online as well.  Plus, the agenda is posted on our website in the extras section of cordovaradio.com.

Notice to Public from the city – Don’t forget business license renewals are due to the City by December 31st. And if your business has a sales tax-exempt card, you must renew that annually as well.

(19th) Story-time for Little Ones is held each Wednesday, from 10:30 to 11:30 AM at the library. Join Anna Hernandez for stories, songs, and finger plays in a program geared toward preschool ages.  Then later, Teen Art with Paula Payne takes place Wednesdays from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. For more information about this art opportunity, talk to Paula at the library.

The Native Village of Eyak, Ilanka Cultural Center, Ilanka Community Health Center, and other NVE facilities will be closed the 25th in observance of Christmas, and January first for New Years.  All medical emergencies should go to the ER at CCMC, as always.

KLAM and KCDV have classified ad space every day, 10 times a day between the two stations, for just $25 a week - plus we post your ad on cordovaradio.com at no extra charge.  If you have something you want to sell, a job posting, or a fundraiser coming up, put local radio and internet to work for you. Call, fax, email -- whatever’s best -- and get your classified ad on KLAM, KCDV, and cordovaradio.com.