KLAM and KCDV will now be bringing you daily briefings with Dad and Mayor Koplin on both stations.  We plan to air them at the top of the 1pm, 5pm, and 8pm hours Monday thru Friday (unless the mayor gets called away, in which case we will delay).  We will also start bringing you a weekly visit with Dad and the full Incident Management Team, which will air on KLAM only, Friday evenings at 5pm.  These will all be in addition to the regular Town Meeting talks shows we are doing as needed.  And remember -- If you miss any show on the air, I’ll be getting them archived on our youtube channel soon afterwards -- that’ll be at  youtube.com/cordovatv.

If you haven’t heard it yet, we strongly urge you to make time to listen to the most recent council meeting.  You can access it through our website, cordovaradio.com -- just look for the “city council audio” link on the main page under “clickable services”.  There’s a lot of good information and diverse dialogue.

A message from CDFU: Fishermen returning to Cordova are expected to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival unless they have submitted a plan to the State of Alaska detailing how they will avoid the spread of COVID-19 and not endanger the community. This exemption allows you to complete essential work during your quarantine period, but you MUST comply with the quarantine while not working. An exemption for work is NOT a blanket exemption, and you MUST continue to abide by social distancing guidelines.   KLAM and KCDV urge Cordovans to share this message with everyone it affects, along with the city and state mandates.  Help your friends to know what they need to know.

The city has put out the Vessel Operator Mutual Aid Agreement Forms mentioned in the recent emergency order.  We strongly urge everyone to read the emergency order carefully, along with the march 29th news release, as they summarize how the many different mandates apply to Cordova and our industries.  visit cityofcordova.net.

Senior lunch has moved to a delivery based system till further notice -- call 429-3167 for details -- it’s herb baked chicken Monday:::  Schools are out till at least the end of April, but have the meal pickup service on Tuesdays -- learn more at cordovasd.org.

(7) And looking at the school music program calendar: happy birthday Sunday -- from at least 6 feet away -- to Darrel Olsen

Remember all this information is on our website, including any items that didn’t make the air -- look for the AC logo at cordovaradio.com.

That's our calendar for the weekend – have a great day Cordova.

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The PFD application deadline has been extended to April 30th.  See the state website to learn more.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Native Village of Eyak, Tribal Court, Ilanka Cultural Center, and other NVE offices are closed until further notice.  Ilanka clinic will remain open, but please call ahead if you are coming in with COVID-19 symptoms -- 424-3622.

KLAM and KCDV have classified ad space every day, 10 times a day between the two stations, for just $25 a week - plus we post your ad on cordovaradio.com at no extra charge.  If you have something you want to sell, a job posting, or a fundraiser coming up, put local radio and internet to work for you. Call, fax, email -- whatever’s best -- and get your classified ad on KLAM, KCDV, and cordovaradio.com.

A reminder again that the items in this list should be considered flexible and changeable given the pandemic situation, which can evolve very quickly.  We will be doing our best to get you the most current information as quickly as we can... as always.  If there’s enough information to warrant a talk show, we’ll do those on KLAM in the 10am hour, and then archive them on our cordova tv youtube channel, which is youtube.com/cordovatv.  Be aware that talk shows could come up without much warning, but we’ll do our best to give you notice.

Public Works reminds everyone that toilet paper dissolves in minutes… but paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and wet wipes can take weeks or even months. The only things that you should flush down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper -- other materials clog the industrial grade sewer pumps, which causes them to become damaged and overheat, meaning more cost for public works, and higher utility bills for Cordova citizens. You may also be putting your own sewer line at risk for costly repairs or maintenance.  For more information, call 424-6200.

The Alaska Federation of Natives has asked us to announce that The U.S. Census is counting families and individuals for 2020.  If you're Alaska Native, you can help steer hundreds of millions of dollars annually to rural communities and tribal programs by following these steps: #1 -- Filling out the form… #2 --  Writing in the name of the Native spouse or significant other IF you live in a mixed-race household, married or not) for question 5… and #3 -- writing in the name of your federally recognized tribe for question 9, or the name of your village if you are unsure.  More details at ‘native federation <dot> org’.