The Planning Commission Special Meeting scheduled for the 22nd at 6:30 PM has been rescheduled to Thursday, the 25th at 6:30 PM in Cordova Center Community Rooms A & B.

The House Transportation Committee will be meeting in Cordova, Friday, July 26th, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for in-room testimony on the Alaska Marine Highway System’s draft winter schedule.  That will be held in Community Rooms A&B at the Cordova Center.

The travel lift haul out will be closed from July 29 to Aug 1 for manufacturer inspection and replacement of wire cable on all winches.

PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION Meeting -- Tuesday, July 30th, 6:00 PM  At The Cordova Center In the Mayors Conference Room. The Public is welcome.  Call 424-7282 for additional information.

(7/31) The City streets division will be working on Upper Davis, South Fourth Street, the north end of Third Street and Boardwalk to prepare for Chip seal. This process is weather dependent, so it’s hard to schedule an exact date -- but  the planned work window is through the end of July. Please  keep the rights of way clear of vehicles, boats, gear and any other personal property through July. And remember, Chip seal remember is tar, so be careful of children and pets getting it on their feet. If you have questions, please contact Bill Howard 253-6332.

KLAM and KCDV have classified ad space every day, 10 times a day between the two stations, for just $25 a week - plus we post your ad on cordovaradio.com at no extra charge.  If you have something you want to sell, a job posting, or a fundraiser coming up, put local radio and internet to work for you. Call, fax, email -- whatever’s best -- and get your classified ad on KLAM, KCDV, and cordovaradio.com.

Senior lunch is bbq chicken today, breaded pork cutlet tomorrow::: The school summer meal serves cinnamon roll and yogurt for breakfast, Ham and Cheese sandwich for cold lunch, Pizza for hot lunch today... biscuits and gravy for breakfast, Turkey ranch wraps for cold lunch, Alaskan Pollock Fish Sticks for hot lunch tomorrow.

And looking at the school music program calendar: happy birthday Gunnar Davis and Linda Crider… happy anniversary Tenor & Rachel Galambush... and we remember Ken Adams

Remember all this information is on our website, including any items that didn’t make the air -- look for the AC logo at cordovaradio.com.

That's our calendar for the 24th – have a great day Cordova.

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Please remember that harbor users pay for the dumpsters at the harbor. Those are NOT publicly funded dumpsters. The harbor will charge a fee if household trash is being put in the harbor dumpster.

The city’s utility drop box has moved from the lower lot at the Cordova Center to the upper lot. It’s now located near the exit from the Cordova Center parking lot.

Public Works reminds everyone that toilet paper dissolves in minutes… but paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and wet wipes can take weeks or even months. The only things that you should flush down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper -- other materials clog the industrial grade sewer pumps, which causes them to become damaged and overheat, meaning more cost for public works, and higher utility bills for Cordova citizens. You may also be putting your own sewer line at risk for costly repairs or maintenance.  For more information, call 424-6200.

The City of Cordova continues to collect and bail aluminum cans, in fact it’s their most successful recycling effort.  But it ruins the process when people place other objects in the aluminum can recycling dumpster -- so please don’t do that.  Also, people have a tendency to leave large piles of trash that block entrance to our City Landfill. It’s difficult for the crews to do their jobs when they start their day facing a mess like that… so please take your refuse directly to the baler.

In case you hadn't heard, The City of Cordova has updated its vehicle disposal policy. You may now arrange to bring your vehicle to the 17-Mile Landfill any time throughout the year for a flat disposal rate of $50.  Please contact the Refuse Department to arrange for disposal before bringing vehicle out to the 17-Mile Landfill, 424-5600.